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How to Afford the Trip of a Lifetime

There are many of us that have ideas about having some sort of a trip of a lifetime. This could be a holiday to another part of the world to visit friends and family, or just to visit a place you have always wanted to go or to discover large parts of the world you have never seen before. Whatever your ideas might be, there will always be some sort of a cost involved. Normally a trip of a lifetime will be something really grand and it will mean that there will be a really high cost involved with it. This means, that unless you get a quick payday loan, you will need to plan well for the trip and work hard to accumulate the money that you need.

Cost it out

The first thing that you will need to do is to work out how much the trip will cost. Think about all aspects of the trip from the transport to get there, the accommodation, activities and entertainment, food and any extras. You may need to buy extra things such as clothing or luggage as well as gifts to bring home and things like that. It is always wise to add it all up and allow quite a bit more. It is nice to be able to go away and spend without worrying too much about whether you can afford it. It might seem like a huge amount of money, but if it is your goal, then you should be motivated enough to do it.

Decide if you will work during the trip

For some people part of their trip will be working. Some people like the idea of doing casual work as they travel. Not only to earn some extra money so that they can finance the trip but also so that they can get a proper experience of that culture and what it is like to work in the country and to get closer to natives. It is worth checking this out first though as it may not be as easy to find work as you think. Firstly, these days cash in hand jobs are less common and to do other sorts of work you will need a work Visa. You will not need one to work in the EU at the moment but that will change once the UK leave and there will be different rules for different countries so you will need to check out these before you travel.

Will you leave your job or just take a holiday?

You will need to think about whether it will be a really long-term trip and whether you will leave your job or whether it will just be a holiday. It might be an extended holiday and you may need to take some unpaid leave if you do not have enough days of holiday to cover all of the time that you are going on the trip. If you are taking unpaid leave or leaving your job, you will need to think about the financial implications of this. It will mean that you will not be getting any income while you are on your trip and so you will need to make sure that you have enough money to cover that as well.

How much can you save each month?

Next you will need to calculate how much money you will be able to save each month towards your trip. You will need to have a close look at your bank statements and work it all out. You will need to look at how much money you have coming in and how much you are spending and whether you have any left over. If you do, then this is the amount that you will be able to save.

Can you save even more?

It might be that you think that the savings will not be enough. It might take you far too long to save up and you may be impatient. If you do not want to borrow then you will need to think of ways that you can get some extra money to save. There are lots of things that you can do that could potentially work for this. You will be able to look into whether you can work more to earn more, spend less so that you have more to save as well as sell things to make some extra money. You may also be able to rent out rooms of your home, start a business or do freelance work to get extra money. It is well worth looking into all of the possible options and think about whether there are any things that you will be prepared to do in order to increase the rate at which you will be able to save money so that you can take your trip sooner.

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Tips on Getting a Bigger Home Without Paying a Fortune

If you want to live in a bigger home then you might feel that you need loads of money to spend. This is because we normally associate larger homes with being extremely costly to buy. There is no doubt that they will cost more to heat and maintain just because they are bigger (assuming they have similar insulation to a smaller equivalent) but there are ways of getting a bigger home without having to pay a fortune.


If you declutter your home then it can seem a lot bigger without you having to move. Look around and see whether your furniture is too big for the rooms and if you got smaller whether it would make you feel like you are somewhere roomier without having to move. Also decluttering smaller things can help as well. We often have things lying around which make the room look smaller but even lots of pictures on the wall, lots of cushions, knickknacks or lots of pieces of furniture can make a room feel small and cluttered. So, if it is room size that is a problem then this solution can help you.

Use space effectively

It is wise to make sure that you are using the space in your home well. Sometimes we ca have our rooms laid out in such a way that we hardly use some space that we have. It might be that rooms are laid out poorly so they are not accessible or the furniture is not put in a useful way. Think about the rooms in your home and which you use a lot and which you hardly use. Think about whether there is a way that you can better utilise the space so that you get use out of every bit of your home. If you are not using all of the space well, then this could indicate that you do not need a larger home as you will not use all of the space that you have.

Convert loft or garage

It can be more cost effective to convert a room you have already into a more usable space than to move house. If you have a loft, garage, basement or other room that you only use minimally, then it might be good to think about making it into a more usable space. Consider what you need space for, before you convert it and then you will be able to think about what sort of job you need to do. If you just need more storage, then boarding the loft might be enough to allow you to put boxes of things in there, but do be careful to make sure that it can cope with the weight. You could potentially do the same with the garage and sort out some storage but you may need to make sure boxes are water tight, depending on whether your garage door is water tight or not. You may actually want a room for using such as a bedroom or office and then you will have to have work done. It is worth getting some quotes to see whether it would be cheaper to have work done or to move house.

Garden room

Some people choose to get more space by adding a garden room. This is normally away from the home, which means that you have to prepared to go out to it in all weathers and you may need to dig up the garden to get services to it such as electricity. Some people prefer to put on a conservatory so that it is joined to the house and therefore easier to access and it could be warmer as well, depending on how well insulated it is. These rooms tend to be cheaper than extending the home and they may not need planning whereas an extension might, but this will depend on your specific home, so it is always wise to check first.

Live in larger home in cheaper area

You might find that if you do want to move, that you can find a larger home for less or the same as your current home if you are prepared to move to a cheaper area. Areas vary in price for all sorts of reasons. If you move further north in the UK housing tends to be cheaper, although housing in and near cities tends to be dearer. You may also find that areas near good school or workplaces will be more expensive and that if you are nearer to pretty countryside you may have to pay more as well. You will therefore have to decide how much you are prepared to relocate and whether you are prepared to travel more to get to shops, work, school or whatever. Sometimes it might that an area is just not as nice and is known as being rough. This will keep house prices low but you may not mind about that if you can get a bigger place to live without paying out lots of extra money.

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