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How to Afford the Trip of a Lifetime

There are many of us that have ideas about having some sort of a trip of a lifetime. This could be a holiday to another part of the world to visit friends and family, or just to visit a place you have always wanted to go or to discover large parts of the world you have never seen before. Whatever your ideas might be, there will always be some sort of a cost involved. Normally a trip of a lifetime will be something really grand and it will mean that there will be a really high cost involved with it. This means, that unless you get a quick payday loan, you will need to plan well for the trip and work hard to accumulate the money that you need.

Cost it out

The first thing that you will need to do is to work out how much the trip will cost. Think about all aspects of the trip from the transport to get there, the accommodation, activities and entertainment, food and any extras. You may need to buy extra things such as clothing or luggage as well as gifts to bring home and things like that. It is always wise to add it all up and allow quite a bit more. It is nice to be able to go away and spend without worrying too much about whether you can afford it. It might seem like a huge amount of money, but if it is your goal, then you should be motivated enough to do it.

Decide if you will work during the trip

For some people part of their trip will be working. Some people like the idea of doing casual work as they travel. Not only to earn some extra money so that they can finance the trip but also so that they can get a proper experience of that culture and what it is like to work in the country and to get closer to natives. It is worth checking this out first though as it may not be as easy to find work as you think. Firstly, these days cash in hand jobs are less common and to do other sorts of work you will need a work Visa. You will not need one to work in the EU at the moment but that will change once the UK leave and there will be different rules for different countries so you will need to check out these before you travel.

Will you leave your job or just take a holiday?

You will need to think about whether it will be a really long-term trip and whether you will leave your job or whether it will just be a holiday. It might be an extended holiday and you may need to take some unpaid leave if you do not have enough days of holiday to cover all of the time that you are going on the trip. If you are taking unpaid leave or leaving your job, you will need to think about the financial implications of this. It will mean that you will not be getting any income while you are on your trip and so you will need to make sure that you have enough money to cover that as well.

How much can you save each month?

Next you will need to calculate how much money you will be able to save each month towards your trip. You will need to have a close look at your bank statements and work it all out. You will need to look at how much money you have coming in and how much you are spending and whether you have any left over. If you do, then this is the amount that you will be able to save.

Can you save even more?

It might be that you think that the savings will not be enough. It might take you far too long to save up and you may be impatient. If you do not want to borrow then you will need to think of ways that you can get some extra money to save. There are lots of things that you can do that could potentially work for this. You will be able to look into whether you can work more to earn more, spend less so that you have more to save as well as sell things to make some extra money. You may also be able to rent out rooms of your home, start a business or do freelance work to get extra money. It is well worth looking into all of the possible options and think about whether there are any things that you will be prepared to do in order to increase the rate at which you will be able to save money so that you can take your trip sooner.

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